Buying the Nikon D3400 Bundle Cheap

The D3400 is the latest Nikon’s entry level DSLR and is an upgrade over its predecessor. It targets first-time photographers and those who are in need of an advanced photography platform moving from using their smartphones.

The D3400 is built around a 24MP count sensor which works together with the NIKKOR Lens and an EXPEED 4 powerful image processor to create dazzling images that always impress. The light sensitivity ranges from ISO 100 to ISO 25600 which enables you to capture clear images in different lighting conditions.

Finding Cheap Nikon D3400 Bundle

nikon d3400 2 lens bundle

To find the right Nikon D3400 bundle package, you must keep mind the type of accessories you will need most. Most photographs need at least 2 lenses, that’s why the Nikon D3400 2 Lens┬áBundle is frequently the go-to bundle kit for beginners.

The camera has a headline addition of Snap Bridge Technology that utilizes Bluetooth to enable its users to maintain a power efficient link with their smartphone or tablet. Connecting your compatible mobile devices to the camera is simple. Once it is connected, images are transferred to your smartphone as you take pictures without necessarily having to reconnect every time. These images are automatically re-sized for easy review and uploading to various social media platforms.

More about the Nikon D3400 DSLR

The D3400 also has an improved battery performance. The battery is designed for low-energy and high capacity to enable photographers to record 1200 high-definition images on one charge. The 7.5 cm LCD monitor enable users to review or compose shots and apply their desired effects.

best nikon d3400 lensFor new photographers, Nikon D3400 best lenses include the 18-55mm and 70-300mm. They come included in the recommended bundle deals available at The camera has a guide mode to help you to adjust the settings so as to capture clear photos and movies. The camera provides users with the speed and precision required to capture brilliant pictures with an 11 point sharp auto-focus system. The D3400 has a burst speed to capture 5 pictures for every second which is enough for fast-paced situations. The camera’s lens delivers colorful shots that explode with clarity. The optical viewfinder enables the user through the lens, to have a clear view. When using a longer lens, the viewfinder helps you have steadier shots when capturing distant objects.

The D3400 has the ability to handle images required by any photographer with its solid system of accessories and lenses. It comes at a price that is affordable and provides a lot of value.

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