Traxxas RC buggy Review

The Traxxas RC buggy has become popular in the modern times in the entire world, and many people are opting for this as this is interesting. There are clubs in the country who conduct races almost every weekend throughout the year, and these races are gaining a lot of popularity. The races are a bit less during winters due to the bad weather conditions, but during summers, these are going on very well.

These offshore road remote controlled buggies are manufactured in such a way that these are robust enough to handle the terrain on which they run. And with all the models that are sold, generally one gets a full spare back so that they can recur to the damaged incurred in the buggy.

Best Traxxas RC Car to buy

best rc car for the money

These buggies can be bought in either two-wheel drive or as a four wheel drive. This allows having two different dimensions to the running of the model, and it depends on the grip levels. The two wheeler one is quite hard to run, and this makes finding the best RC car for the money easier, which requires a smoother throttle control than that which a four-wheel drive needs. The version of two wheels has different tires on the front as well as on the back.

This is down to driving which comes from the back wheels unlike the one in the four wheeler one where the drive comes from the front wheels. Players can opt for any option available based on their requirement and flexibility.

Different Type of RC Cars

There are three different models of these remote controlled Traxxas RC buggy.

The battery one, the nitro one and the petrol one are the various types of buggies. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, the battery models have the capability of reaching the same speed that the nitro and the petrol models could have reached.

The main difference between the battery version and the other two are that there are noise and smell. But the better part of the battery version is that they are quite less temperamental to use. You also need to remember that the battery model needs to be often charged for it to work, whereas the nitro version does not need it.

Every model has its advantages and limitation. If you want to go green, then battery model is very much preferred.

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